There Is No Place Like Home, Or Schilter Family Farm

Planning for our Fall Harvest Festival and Corn Maze is always a big part of our year round job, but around this time, annually, the planning and working to create a memorable and family fun experience amps up to a whole new level. Our corn maze is planted, but now the fun begins of picking the theme, drawing out our design and then cutting it into the field. A long process, but one that we are proud to say we do ourselves.

We do all of the design work on our maze  ourselves rather than hiring a design company to create our maze experience. We have always enjoyed being able to create something unique to us with our own signature look, rather than a computer designed look. We also like the freedom and flexibility to choose a design that is current, family friendly, and fitting to our unique farm experience. Our corn maze was the first maze designed in Thurston County and we are proud of the many fun and original themes we have created over the past 16 years. Some of our favorites were the Mariner Maze, CSI- Corn Scene Investigation maze, Kasey Keller Corn Maze, and last year’s BigFoot Corn maze.

We are thrilled to announce this year’s theme: The Wizard of OZ. This great family classic, is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the film, and it is a perfect fit for our family friendly farm. Look for your favorite “Memorable” characters live and interactive by day finding their way to Oz, and your favorite “Wicked” characters flying about by night! Everyone in your family will enjoy this fun and interactive experience with just enough scare to make your arm hairs stand up and enough charm to make you sing! Afterall, there really is no place like Schilter Family Farm.