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FAQ’s & Policies

Weather Policy

How Does Weather Affect Farm Visits and Activities?

Come rain or shine, Schilter Family Farm is ready to welcome you to a day of fun and adventure! While we're open regardless of the weather, it's important to note that certain activities may be affected by Mother Nature's whims.

For instance, our beloved Berry Bounce may need to take a rain check if there's moisture or rain on the pillow. Additionally, in the event of extreme rain, wind, standing water, or any other safety concern as determined by our team, we reserve the right to temporarily close certain activities to ensure the well-being of our visitors.

What is the Return Policy for Admission Purchases?

Please keep in mind that all admission activity bracelet purchases are non-refundable and final. Your admission is valid only for the day of purchase and must be worn securely on your wrist throughout your visit.

How Does Weather Affect Sunflower Season?

Now, let's talk about our eagerly awaited Sunflower Season. While we'd love nothing more than to guarantee perfect weather for your sunflower adventures, we're at the mercy of nature as farmers. If, for any reason, the weather decides to throw us a curveball and our sunflowers bloom earlier or later than anticipated, we may need to adjust our scheduled dates accordingly.

Rest assured, we're committed to providing you with the best possible experience while prioritizing the safety and enjoyment of all our farm visitors. So come rain or shine, let's make some unforgettable memories together at Schilter Family Farm!

Photo Policy

2024 Photography Policy

With the changing seasons, our policies may also change, so please stay updated. We're truly grateful and thrilled that you're considering capturing memories at our farm! With its blend of natural beauty and charming backdrops, our farm offers an ideal setting for photography. We're excited to share this space with you and your loved ones.

To ensure everyone's enjoyment and safety, please read our photography policy that we kindly ask you to respect.

Photography sessions are limited to our regular business hours.
(for non-paid photographers, whether amateur or professional):

Photography guidelines to Make the Most of Your Visit

We warmly welcome amateur visitors to snap photos during our business hours. Please note that access to Schilter Family Farm property is restricted to these hours—no exceptions.

- Feel free to use your camera or cell phone to capture memories.
- Photography is permitted in any public area of the farm.

Photography DO NOT’s During Your Visit

We ask you NOT to:

- Enter any of the areas marked No Access, Do Not Enter, or areas with working farm equipment
- Disturb flowers, vegetation, crops, displays, etc
- Bring any kind of PETS for your photo
- Bring props onto the property

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We can't wait to see the beautiful moments you capture!


We're thrilled to welcome anyone looking to use Schilter Family Farm as a backdrop or setting for portrait or commercial photography, even if it's a non-compensated endeavor. To facilitate this, all photographers are required to purchase a commercial photography pass to conduct sessions on our premises. Additionally, all individuals participating in scheduled photo sessions must purchase admission per person, as applicable based on the season.

Steps to ensure smooth operations and everyone's safety, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

Do I Need a Photography Pass During My Session at Schilter Family Farm?

The photographer must purchase a Schilter Family Farm Seasonal Photography Pass.

Purchase a 2024 Season Photography Pass. The photography pass is $165.00 and is good for any day Schilter Family Farm is open to the public in 2024. This pass must be purchased online here. This pass is for use by the photographer named on the pass and may not be shared with anyone else.

What is the Difference between Photography/Portrait Photography and Commercial Photography?

Photography/Portrait photography is defined as, but not limited to: Senior, Engagement, Family, Graduation, Wedding, Lifestyle, Blog, etc.

Commercial photography is defined as, but not limited to: catalog, fashion, advertisement, promotion, etc

Do Photos Taken at Schilter Family Farm Need to be Identified?

#schilterfamilyfarm @schilterfamilyfarm_ || Photo Credit/Social Media
All photos shall be identified as being photographed at Schilter Family Farm. Any online photo galleries or images shall have a link to our website If photos are posted online or on social media sites, Schilter Family Farm requests attribution and requests photos are tagged #schilterfamilyfarm on social media (IG: @schilterfamilyfarm_). Thank you for choosing us as your photography site and following our photography policy!

Is Admission Required for Photography Participants?

Every individual entering the farm for a scheduled photo session must also purchase admission, as per our seasonal requirements.
- Anyone assisting the photographer must pay for admission.

Where Do You Check-in and Check-out?

Where to check-in and check-out: Our Admissions Booth. Please pick up your lanyard prior to your first session each day, and return your lanyard to our admissions booth at the end of each visit. After we receive your payment for your seasonal photography pass, we will prepare your lanyard.

- Your photography pass lanyard will be provided the day of each photoshoot to you and must be clearly displayed at all times while on Schilter Family Farm.

When Are Photo Sessions Allowed?

Photo sessions are only allowed during our regular business hours or during designated commercial photo hours.

How Do I Make a Reservation for a Photo Session?

Reserve all photo sessions at Schilter Family Farm at least 48 hours prior to your session. Please email and request what dates you will be attending so we can have your lanyard ready for you upon arrival.

If you offer a photo session without pre-purchasing a photography pass, you will be asked to discontinue the session until payment and scheduling has been taken care of.

Farm Photography Rules

We are a farm first…we want to honor and respect the land and the crops we are growing. Please help us do that.

- Please respect the natural environment and the crops we are growing.
- Use care and caution around landscaping.
- Please supervise all children at all times.
- Nothing may be picked and used during your session. Sunflowers and Pumpkins (are available for purchase.
- Multiple clothes changes on site are not appropriate as these can interfere with our other guests.
- Vehicles are NOT allowed under any circumstances outside of the parking area.
- All props must be carried to your photo shoot location. Props or equipment that cannot be carried easily should not be used.
- All props must be removed upon departure and may not be placed where other farm guests will be walking.
- We require that all trash is removed from your photo site.
- Absolutely NO PETS (see pet policy) are permitted on the Farm for photos.
- All photo sessions must be family friendly in nature. No lude, or obscene photography or videography allowed.

Important Reminders

- The use of drones is strictly prohibited.
- No public area may be closed or blocked to customers during regular business hours during a photoshoot.
- Please be courteous and polite to all visitors and customers.
- Our Staff is not responsible for directing clients to your photoshoot location. Make sure your clients have your cell phone so that they can contact you upon their arrival.
- Schilter Family Farm reserves the right to halt any photography sessions deemed to be disruptive or deemed inappropriate in any way.
- Schilter Family Farm assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings.

Any unauthorized portrait/commercial photography sessions will be escorted from the Farm.

Pet Policy

Service Animals

At Schilter Family Farm, we hold a deep appreciation for animals and the joy they bring. However, in accordance with Washington State Law RCW 49.60.040 (24), which was updated as of January 1, 2019, we must adhere to specific guidelines regarding service animals on our premises.

We warmly welcome service dogs that are trained to perform specific tasks for their owners. These tasks may include guiding their owner, assisting with mobility by pulling a wheelchair, aiding during a seizure, detecting allergens, or even fetching medication or a phone.

Pets and Emotional Support Animals (ESA)

We kindly ask that Pets and Emotional Support Animals (ESA) refrain from accompanying guests to our farm. We understand that this may inconvenience some visitors, and for that, we apologize. It's important to note that misrepresentation of your animal's status is not only against our policy but also against Washington State Law (RCW 7.80.120). Such actions may result in a fine of up to $500 and the removal of the animal from the premises.
Our primary goal is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our visitors. We wholeheartedly welcome individuals with ADA Service dogs to join us at Schilter Family Farm Harvest Festival and Pumpkin Patch. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in upholding these guidelines. We look forward to welcoming you and your faithful companion to our farm!