Opening Only For Fall and Christmas Trees

After a lot of evaluation over the profitability of our produce stand, as well as the time and labor that goes into growing the crops, bringing the produce over from Eastern Washington, and managing our stand, we have decided to no longer open up for the spring and summer months. We will, of course, be open for our annual Fall Harvest Festival and Pumpkin Patch, as well for our Christmas tree season.   

This decision was a very difficult one to make; one we prayed over for the past few years. We love the faces we see year after year enjoying the crops that we grow, and supporting our farm. As time slips by though, our children are growing up so fast and we long for more time with them. Farmer Jeff and I aren’t getting any younger, and these precious years are passing us by. We want to work hard at improving the areas of our business that sustain our farm and bring so much enjoyment to our community, as well as take more time to enjoy these precious moments with our family. With the increasing costs of doing business, this just seems like the right time to make this transition. We will miss seeing all of our great customers week after week, and look forward to seeing you in the Fall. Make sure you look for us in October and say hello! 

Thank you to all or our loyal customers who have blessed our family and our farm with their patronage over the years. We truly are grateful to all of you!

Jeff and Stephanie Schilter and family