Farm Policies

We are open rain or shine. However, some of our activities are weather dependent. Our Berry Bounce will close if there is moisture or rain on the pillow. Also, if there is extreme rain or wind, standing water, or any other situation determined by us,  we reserve the right to close any activity if we deem it is unsafe for our farm visitors.

All activity bracelet purchases are non-refundable and sales are final. Bracelets only good on the day of purchase and must be worn on the wrist. 

Pet Policy:
Our farm loves animals and our pets but in order to protect our farm and customers we adhere to WA State Law RCW 49.60.040 (24) which defines and limits the kind of service animals that are allowed on our farm. This law was updated 1/1/2019

We allow service dogs that are trained to perform a specific task to their owner. These tasks include, but are not limited to, guiding their owner, pulling a wheelchair, assisting with detecting or helping during a seizure, detecting allergens, or fetching medication or a phone.

We do not allow Emotional Support Animals (ESA) here on our farm. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you choose to misrepresent your animal, WA State Law (RCW 7.80.120) has a penalty for such an act of a fine up to $500 and the removal of the animal from the premise. This law also applies to those that choose to deny answering our staff as to the questions we may ask of your dog.

We want everyone to enjoy the farm here and we gladly welcome you and your ADA Service dog to Schilter Family Farm and Pumpkin Patch. Thank you for your co-operation.

2019 Photography Policy-
Due to ever changing seasons our policies may change without notice. We are grateful and honored that you want to take photographs and capture memories at our farm.We have a beautiful setting with natural and man made backdrops making our farm a wonderful setting for photography. We want to be able to share our farm with you and your loved ones. Please read through and respect our new photography policy.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY PHOTOS (non-paid photographers, either monetarily or by in kind trade)
We Welcome Amateur Visitors to take photos during business hours only. No one is allowed on Schilter Family Farm property before or after business hours.

  • Everyone entering Schilter Family Farm property must purchase a daily wristband.
  • Use a camera or cell phone.
  • Take photos on any public part of the Farm.
    We ask you NOT to:
  • Enter any of the areas marked No Access, Do Not Enter, or areas with working farm equipment.
  • Disturb flowers, vegetation, crops, displays, etc.
  • Bring any kind of PETS for your photo.
  • Bring props onto the property.

We welcome those who wish to use Schilter Family Farm as a backdrop/setting for any portrait/commercial photography, even if the photographer is not compensated, financially or otherwise.  We require a reservation, made at least 48 hours in advance, and a signed waiver for each professional photo session. The photographer must also purchase a Schilter Family Farm Seasonal Photography Pass. This may be purchased on line at this link:

Commercial/Professional Photography Pass

  • photography/Portrait photography is defined as, but not limited to: Senior, Engagement, Family, Graduation, Wedding, Lifestyle, etc.
  • Commercial photography is defined as, but not limited to: catalog, fashion, advertisement, promotion, etc.

Where to check-in and check-out
Our Admissions Booth. Please pick up your lanyard prior to your first session each day, and return your lanyard to our admissions booth at the end of each visit. After we receive your payment for your seasonal photography pass, we will prepare your lanyard. Photo sessions are only allowed during our regular business hours.

Reservation/Permit/Photo Waiver/Lanyard/Props

  • Reserve all photo sessions at Schilter Family Farm at least 48 hours prior to your session. Please email and request what dates you will be attending so we can have your lanyard ready for you upon arrival.
  • Purchase a 2019 Season Photography Pass. The photography pass is $100.00 and is good for any day Schilter Family Farm is open the public in 2019. This pass must be purchased on line at this link :

    Commercial/Professional Photography Pass

    prior to making a reservation for the first session. This pass is for use by the photographer named on the pass and may not be shared with anyone else.

  • Anyone assisting the photographer must pay for a daily ticket.
  • Everyone entering Schilter Family Farm property must purchase a daily activity bracelet. This includes people who are being photographed and anyone accompanying them for their session.
  • The Photo Waiver, which will be emailed to you after receipt of payment for your annual photography pass,  must be filled out for each person being photographed and provided back to Schilter Family Farm by email for each session 48 hours prior to the time of the session. Both the photographer and the client(s) must sign this form in advance of 48 hours of arriving at the farm for your session.
  • A lanyard will be provided the day of each photo shoot to you and must be clearly displayed at all times while on Schilter Family Farm.

Photography session times:

  • Photography sessions can only take place during our regular business hours.
  • Absolutely NO sessions after business hours.


  • You can only access the PUBLIC parts of the Farm.
  • You may NOT enter any of the areas marked No Access, Do Not Enter, or areas with working farm equipment. You may Not walk to areas of the farm that are outside of our regular business experience (eg. Back fields).

Farm Rules: We are a farm first…we want to honor and respect the land and the crops we are growing.  Please help us do that.

  • Please respect the natural environment and the crops we are growing.
  • Use care and caution around landscaping.
  • Please supervise all children at all times, this includes photographer’s own children, while on Schilter Family Farm property. Also, insure they are not injuring plants, and items that are growing in any way.
  • Nothing may be picked and used during your session. Sunflowers and Pumpkins (are available for purchase.
  • Multiple clothes changes on site are not appropriate as these can interfere with our other guests.
  • Vehicles are NOT allowed under any circumstances outside of parking area.
  • All props, must be carried to your photoshoot location. Props or equipment that cannot be carried easily should not be used.
  • All props must be removed upon departure.
  • We require that all trash is removed from your photo site.
  • Absolutely NO PETS (see pet policy) are permitted on the Farm for photos.

Important Reminders

  • The use of drones is strictly prohibited.
  • All photos should be family-friendly in nature.
  • No public area may be closed or blocked to customers during regular business hours during a photoshoot.
  • Please be courteous and polite to all visitors and customers.
  • Our Staff is not responsible for directing clients to your photoshoot location. Make sure your clients have your cell phone so that they can contact you upon their arrival.
  • Schilter Family Farm reserves the right to halt any photography sessions deemed to be disruptive or deemed inappropriate in any way.
  • Schilter Family Farm assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings.

Any unauthorized portrait/commercial photography sessions will be escorted from the Farm.

Photo Credit/Social Media

All photos shall be identified as being photographed at Schilter Family Farm.

Any online photo galleries or images shall have a link to our website

If photos are posted online or on social media sites, Schilter Family Farm requests attribution and requests photos are tagged @schilterfamilyfarm on social media.

Thank you for choosing us as your photography site and following our photography policy!