A Tribute To Fr. Jim

This year our corn maze is an ALS- Lou Gehrig Maze. We are super excited to support the ALS Association through raising awareness around the disease ALS, and to also help raise funds towards helping find a cure. Our wonderful, faith-filled pastor and priest, Fr. Jim Lee from St. Michael Parish, was diagnosed with ALS last November. Our hearts have been moved by his gracious, brave, faith filled, and positive way he has handled this diagnosis. ALS is a terminal degenerative disease. When a person is diagnosed with ALS, they typically have 2-4 years life expectancy. We love our pastor, and more than that, we feel a responsibility to bless others and give back to our community since we have been so blessed by our farm and all of the wonderful families that choose to patronize our business. Here are some basic facts about ALS and a link to an article written by Northwest Catholic about our pastor, Fr. Jim Lee. It is a good read. https://www.nwcatholic.org/features/nw-stories/i-am-blessed.html

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease that is 100% fatal. There is no known cure at this time.
  • 5,000 + people are diagnosed per year
  • Every 90 minutes, someone is diagnosed with ALS and someone passes away
  • Only 2 drugs are currently approved by the FDA for ALS and are used to extend life by only months
  • Life expectancy beyond diagnosis is 2 to 4 years
  • Veterans are 2x as likely to get ALS
  • ALS is difficult to diagnose and takes ruling out of other diseases before diagnoses is made which may take months or years
  • The Evergreen Chapter serves 4 states: Washington, Idaho, Montana & Alaska. We’re working to improve the quality of life of over 700 people living with ALS in the areas we serve by offering support groups, in-home visits for resources & education, multidisciplinary clinics that are centered around care of those with ALS, technology assistance & free durable medical equipment loans
  • All services provided by The Evergreen Chapter are FREE of charge to people living with ALS and their families

Opening Only For Fall and Christmas Trees

After a lot of evaluation over the profitability of our produce stand, as well as the time and labor that goes into growing the crops, bringing the produce over from Eastern Washington, and managing our stand, we have decided to no longer open up for the spring and summer months. We will, of course, be open for our annual Fall Harvest Festival and Pumpkin Patch, as well for our Christmas tree season.   

This decision was a very difficult one to make; one we prayed over for the past few years. We love the faces we see year after year enjoying the crops that we grow, and supporting our farm. As time slips by though, our children are growing up so fast and we long for more time with them. Farmer Jeff and I aren’t getting any younger, and these precious years are passing us by. We want to work hard at improving the areas of our business that sustain our farm and bring so much enjoyment to our community, as well as take more time to enjoy these precious moments with our family. With the increasing costs of doing business, this just seems like the right time to make this transition. We will miss seeing all of our great customers week after week, and look forward to seeing you in the Fall. Make sure you look for us in October and say hello! 

Thank you to all or our loyal customers who have blessed our family and our farm with their patronage over the years. We truly are grateful to all of you!

Jeff and Stephanie Schilter and family


Ken Griffey Jr. Corn Maze 2016

Our corn maze is all cut out and ready for our opening weekend- September 24th. This year was a great year to honor a Washington baseball icon, Ken Griffey Jr. , who was inducted into the baseball hall of fame this year.  Ken Griffey Jr. brought so much excitement and joy to the Seattle Mariners and baseball fans across the country. We are excited to honor him in our corn maze this year.

As you navigate your way through the maze,  you will be challenged with locating all the signs with trivia about Ken Griffey Jr.’s great career in baseball.  Our corn maze will be open as part of our Harvest Festival from Sept. 24th-Oct. 31st from 10-6 daily (10-4 on Halloween). Wear your Mariner attire and celebrate #24, Ken Griffey, Jr.

On a side note, Farmer Jeff usually takes an airplane ride up over our maze to snap the aerial photo. This year he bought himself a drone and took the photo with his new “toy”. It turned out pretty great! If you look real close you may be able to spy a few of our employees out in the maze.  :-)

Planning for our Fall Harvest Festival and Corn Maze is always a big part of our year round job, but around this time, annually, the planning and working to create a memorable and family fun experience amps up to a whole new level. Our corn maze is planted, but now the fun begins of picking the theme, drawing out our design and then cutting it into the field. A long process, but one that we are proud to say we do ourselves.

We do all of the design work on our maze  ourselves rather than hiring a design company to create our maze experience. We have always enjoyed being able to create something unique to us with our own signature look, rather than a computer designed look. We also like the freedom and flexibility to choose a design that is current, family friendly, and fitting to our unique farm experience. Our corn maze was the first maze designed in Thurston County and we are proud of the many fun and original themes we have created over the past 16 years. Some of our favorites were the Mariner Maze, CSI- Corn Scene Investigation maze, Kasey Keller Corn Maze, and last year’s BigFoot Corn maze.

We are thrilled to announce this year’s theme: The Wizard of OZ. This great family classic, is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the film, and it is a perfect fit for our family friendly farm. Look for your favorite “Memorable” characters live and interactive by day finding their way to Oz, and your favorite “Wicked” characters flying about by night! Everyone in your family will enjoy this fun and interactive experience with just enough scare to make your arm hairs stand up and enough charm to make you sing! Afterall, there really is no place like Schilter Family Farm.

Check Out Our New Digs

 image (1)

We have been busy bees this summer improving the atmosphere of our farm market. If you have been into the market, we are sure you have noticed some changes. In fact, it looks so different we have had customers ask if our stand is still owned by the Schilter family. Well, the answer is yes. We still own and operate it. We just want to step up our game for all of our loyal customers!

image (5)

This summer, we hired two great family members, Aunt Milisa and Niece Natalie to work with me (Stephanie). They specialize in interior design and are helping to update our maket. They have been diligently working with us to help improve our space by making it beautiful, cozy, and functional (which can be a challenge since it is an open air space on a gravel lot). They have also been creating better signage for our market.

Each week we will be posting on one of our entrance signs a “Recipe of the Week” to share with you. The recipes are family favorites and utilize some of our wonderful fresh seasonal produce. This week’s recipe is Summer Citrus Slaw…yum!

Come check out our new digs! We hope you love it.image (4)